HOTBALL: A new Vermont MuSICKal

Fri, Dec 8, 2017 from 7:30pm - 10pm

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  • Adult Content
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HOTBALL is an apocalyptic jugband "muSICKal" set in the not-too-distant but all-too weird present, featuring twelve songs, squirrel puppets and a cast of actor musicians.

The Story:  It’s a blizzard in June at Chaz’s gas station/herb farm, somewhere up North on the road between Burch and Mulard; the snow is coming down like Jell-O shots.  Chaz’s old band mate, Logo, seeking shelter, knocks on the door but Chaz doesn’t want to let him in; they haven’t talked for twenty years, since the night of the Herpsvaburger Barn Fire, the night that Becca Bogey mysteriously disappeared.  Foul play was, and is, suspected.  Meanwhile, constant changes in the weather have the neighborhood squirrels frustrated; they don’t know when to mate, build a nest, have a litter or what?  When Oily Herpsvaburger, the third member of  ‘the worst band that ever came out of Mulard, “Hotball,”’ shows up, everyone knows that supernatural forces are at work.  And when the Eskimo, Nor’man, lands with his helicopter, and the Woman in the ski mask with the all-too-familiar tattoo arrives and Chaz’s ex-wife, Trudi,  floats in on a cow, the ball starts rolling uphill.  From blizzard to flood to drought to fire, disasters compile until 12 songs later, Chaz steps out into a vastly altered landscape, more like Pompeii, (or more recently -Santa Rosa) than the green hills of Mulard that he has known and loved and from which he has never been able to escape.  And the squirrels, being squirrels, get it on.

Geof Hewitt is one of Vermont’s best known poets and a much beloved teacher of writing. David Schein is a Vermont native who has made theater all over the world.  Geof and David met in the late sixties at the University of Iowa Writer’s workshop.  Since then they have collaborated on numerous projects – the Enosburg Medicine Show, The Actualist Conventions in Berkeley , Vermont Poets on Tour, as well as teaching together at the Vermont Governor’s Institute on the Arts. HOTBALL features well-known Vermont performers Dana Block, Monica Callan, Jeff Forster, David Klein and Donny Osman as well as Hewitt and Schein. The staging is open, with rocking songs, sweet harmonies and broad and timely comedy. The entertainment temperature will be scorching when HOTBALL burns down the house, starting December 1st at Off Center. Don’t miss it.  ­

Photo Credits:  All pics by David Schein 

1. Hotball Group Pic 1 (The cast) L to R: David Klein, Jeff Tolbert, Don Osman, Geof Hewitt, David Schein, Monica Callan, Dana Block  2. Logo and Becca Hotball: Jeff Tolbert as Logo and Dana Block as Becca Bogey  3.The Squirrels:  Righty and Lefty (puppets by Cavan Meese)  4. Logo and The Squirrels)  Jeff Tolbert and Righty and Lefty  5. Becca and Trudi (Dana Block (L) and Monica Callan (R) 6. Trudi Fontaine Mugshot (Monical Callan) 

Off Center for the Dramatic Arts

294 N. Winooski Ave., Ste. 116
Burlington, VT 05401

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