Tokyo Idols

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VTIFF Presents: Tokyo Idols
Sponsored by Main Street Landing
Directed by Kyoko Miyake
UK - Canada ⎮ 2017 ⎮ 88 min ⎮ Japanese w/English subtitles

"This isn't a fad, it's a religion", says one of the men in the film.

"An eye-opening delve into the uniquely Japanese phenomenon of ‘idols’, the thousands of teenage Japanese girls who favor manga-style attire and sell themselves as pop stars – both live and on-line – and the largely middle-aged men – or ‘otaku’ as they are known – who obsessively follow them around and pay to have their photos taken with them. Kyoko Miyake’s striking film is non-judgmental in its wry approach, and while some of the men’s obsession with the very young idols is disturbing, the lines are never crossed and sex is never mentioned, despite being the subtext." ~ Edinburgh Film Festival


Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center - Film House

60 Lake Street
3rd floor

Burlington, VT 05401

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